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1.5 A dc brush servo driver


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DPN WEB EXCLUSIVE: AllMotion Inc. has announced the EZSV10 programmable dc brush servo driver. The unit is 24 x 35 x 15.24 mm ñ- smaller than a standard quadrature encoder ñ and requires little or no tuning when used with most motor diameters measuring less than 1.5 in.

A single 4-wire bus (2 power, 2 communications) can daisy chain up to
16 dc motors simultaneously. The intelligent driver/controller accepts
high-level commands from a serial port to control motors at 1.5 A
continuous, from 12 to 40 V. Programming the EZSV10 is intuitive;
first-time users are said to make their servo motor move intelligently
in usually less than half an hour.


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