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E-T-A Circuit Breakers announces that their successful ESX10-T electronic circuit protector has been introduced in a 12V version. It is a track-mountable unit that allows optimum protection and can also provide effective protection in combination with 12V switch-mode power supplies and battery systems.

This space-saving electronic device has a width of only 12.5 mm and 80 mm in height and depth. ESX10-TC is a very good choice for applications in factory automation and test equipment in automobile manufacturing because it allows a consistent DC 12 V voltage platform from the test equipment to the actual motor control units. In addition, the new circuit protector features switchable transistor load output. There is no contact wear as switching is done electronically and there are no internal contacts.  

The ESX10-TC is track-mountable, either individually or in groups mounted side-by-side. It offers a sophisticated busbar concept for line feed and zero potential. The rail terminal side of the housing has two small plastic slides which can be removed if required and can be slid into the matching slot on the side to close off the busbars. This reliably prevents mutual contact of different plus potentials.

The DC 12V line entry, as well as the load connection to protected plus and neutral, are via screw terminals up to 10 mm2 directly on the devices. The screw terminal is made of a high-strength copper alloy and has been designed in accordance with the patented Reakdyn principle. It ensures reliable and safe cable connection.


The selective load protection with fixed current ratings from 1A to 10A, ensures exclusive disconnection of the faulty path in the event of an overload or short circuit in the load circuit without repercussions on the DC 12V power supply. Thus a failure is prevented in a single load circuit which could cause a voltage dip that would have all the loads connected to the switch-mode power supply fail and would – as a worst case scenario – result in a total system shut down.

The ESX10-TC limits the short circuit current to 1.8 times rated current current (1A – 6A) and 1.5 times rated current (8A – 10A) which disconnects the faulty circuit after 100 ms. Inrush peaks, however are tolerated – capacitive loads of more than 20,000 uF can be switched. In the event of an overload, the circuit protector disconnects at 1.1 times rated current after 3 seconds and signals the failure to the control unit via an integral control unit.


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