3D Freebie: 3D conceptual design tool for Android

ASCON SubDivFormer takes 3D mesh modeling to touch screen tablets, smartphones.

Comments Off on 3D Freebie: 3D conceptual design tool for Android April 26, 2013
by Design Engineering Staff

CAD software firm and makers of KOMPAS-3D, ASCON Group, released SubDivFormer, a 3D modelling app for Android. Based on sub-division surface techniques, a SubDivFormer model is described by a rough polygonal mesh, which is then refined to a smooth shape.

Users shape models by selecting one or more faces and performing any of a series of modeling commands. Modeling tools include extrude, intrude, subdivide, bevel, bump, split, bridge, merge and delete. Models are saved natively as an STL-file for transfer to the 3D-printer for rapid prototyping.

SubDivFormer is available free on the Goolge Play app store (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ascon.subdivformer&hl=en) and requires a device running Android version 2.3.3 or higher. The company says it also plans to launch SubDivFormer for iOS, KOMPAS-3D, and eventually as a desktop application for Windows.