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3D print your own (mini) Strati vehicle

Local Motors releases scaled down design files of its Strati 3D printed car as open source.

September 29, 2014   by Design Engineering Staff

14-Sept-Strati-Local-Motors-3D-print-625-1Anyone who attended IMTS 2014 or follows the 3D printing industry experienced first hand or has heard about Local Motors 3D printing and assembling its Strati electric car at the international trade show in September. The Phoenix-based company, via a network of crowd-source designers, creates vehicle concepts (such as the Strati) that can then be bought as a kit and assembled at one Local Motors micro-factories. During IMTS, nearly all of the car’s components, excluding wheels, motor, drive train and electrical, were output and assembled at the show.

14-Sept-Strati-Local-Motors-3D-print-625Recently, the company made the STL file used to print the Strati’s various parts available on its web site, released under the open source Creative Commons license. The file includes all the parts need to build 1:10 scale replica of the Strati, including the shell and frame right down to the steering shaft, suspension components and pedal box.

Download the Strati STL file on Thingverse


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