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40G AdvancedTCA backplanes


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Elma Bustronic Corporation has announced the development of 40G AdvancedTCA (ATCA) Backplanes.   The backplanes are based on the design principles of IEEE 802.3-2008 and IEEE 802.3ba-2010 standards.

The 40G ATCA Backplanes (4 channels x 10 Gbps) feature a controlled-impedance stripline design of 18 layers in a Dual Star routing configuration.  The backplane results were achieved using extensive pre-layout and post-layout simulation studies.

Signal integrity simulations performed at Elma Bustronic have demonstrated that 10Gbps/link performance can be achieved with reasonable costs and manufacturing processes.   For superior performance, Nelco 4000 13-SI high grade laminate material was used and the backplane was backdrilled to minimize stub reflections.  Test data is available upon request.

Other features of the 40G ATCA Backplane include dual shelf manager connectors in slot 0 for redundant IPMB implementation and up to 400W/slot 48VDC distribution to each slot.  The shelf managers on the left side of the backplane can be front-pluggable cards in slot 0 while allowing a full 14 slots.



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