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Free Webinar on the future of Canada’s EV market
NGen CTO to present analysis of Canada’s current and future electric vehicle supply chain, including the obstacles and opportunities the transition from ICE to EV represents. #engineering #electricvehicles

DEX Expo Moncton | May 31 | Moncton Coliseum Complex
Don't miss the 9am Keynote: The Future of Manufacturing in a Post-COVID World by Susy Campos, Pres and CEO of 3+ Economic Development Corp. #engineering #designengineeringexpo

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Frasers Product
Plastic Plugs
M M Plastic (Mfg) Co Inc
We make plastic plugs that meet your direct specifications. M M Plastics uses custom methods that are proven to provide customers with the right product fo...

Position, Linear Transducers
Durham Instruments
Durham Instruments can supply a broad variety of linear position transducers.  We offer models that use a range of different technologies for position...

Logging Chain
Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.
Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. offers a variety of forestry chain. Our selection of products and experience serving the forestry industry are unmatched. We can sup...

Precision Springs
Bohne Spring Industries Ltd.
With a dedicated team that is always innovating, Bohne Spring Industries Ltd. manufactures precision springs, wire, strip forms, and metal stampings. Found...

Electric & Gas Welders
Lincoln Electric (Canada)
A complete selection of welding equipment is available from Lincoln Electric, including welders for any type of welding process. Our offering includes TIG ...

Displacement Transducers
Durham Instruments
Linear variable differential transformers (LVDT), also known as linear variable displacement transducers, are used to measure linear displacement. This typ...