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Cable Clamps
Brim Electronics Inc.
Our cable clamps make up a small but essential part of your electrical installation. When you’re working with wires, you need to ensure that theyR...

Rapid Gear
Rapid Gear can provide engineering services for gearboxes and associated machinery. We have experienced craftsmen who perform everything from design to rev...

Electrical Connectors
Harting Canada Inc
Harting Canada Inc is a leading provider of electrical parts and components. In today’s ever-evolving technological era, developing, manufacturi...

					Brushless DC Motors
Brushless DC Motors
Advanced Motion & Controls Ltd
We supply a considerable variety of brushless DC motors at Advanced Motion & Controls Ltd. These motors are manufactured by Oriental Motor, a world lea...

Valve Automation
John Brooks Company Limited
As one of Canada’s premier suppliers of spray nozzles, pumps, filtration equipment, and valves, we at John Brooks Company Limited have developed long-ter...

Capacitance Operated Controls
Arjay Engineering Ltd.
We make a variety of process and environmental controls that are operated with capacitance technology. They use probes submerged in the target product to m...