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Fabricating Glass
Pegasus Glass
We have been fabricating glass since 1968. Pegasus Glass can offer custom design and fabrication services whether you require a single prototype or high vo...

Sorting Conveyors
Norpak Handling Limited
We can provide a broad range of sortation systems. Our products range from simple ball transfer tables to tilt tray, cross belt, and vibrating sorters. Whe...

Daemar Inc.
Seals from Daemar Inc. provide a variety of benefits in countless applications. In many industries, these products are essential to preventing leaks, abras...

Servo Gearboxes
Wainbee Limited
Servo gearboxes and a wide range of related equipment is available from Wainbee Limited. We specialize in technologies for automation and control. Our sele...
Frasers Product
Metallic Bellows
Sudbury International Engineered Products Limited
Metallic bellows are available from Sudbury International Engineered Products Limited, a privately-owned Canadian manufacturing company.  The bellows ...

Metal Shot Peening
Vibra Finish Limited
With its innovative metal shot peening, Vibra Finish Ltd. can give your products a new lease on life. Parts often become corroded or cracked with life, but...