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Strain Measuring Instruments
Durham Instruments
Durham Instruments is the one source for all types of strain measuring instruments. We offer a range of strain gauges that includes models for many diverse...

Ken Forging
Forgings of all kinds are available from family-owned metal working company, Ken Forging. We manufacture drop-forged industrial hardware ranging from eyebo...

Alloy Bolts
Ken Forging
Ken Forging Inc. offers drop forged alloy bolts of many types. We have over 40 years of experience forging a range of industrial hardware including eyebolt...

Zinc Forgings
Ken Forging
Zinc forgings of many types are available from trusted manufacturer Ken Forging Inc. We drop forge industrial fasteners and hardware in many sizes, de...
Frasers Product
Sandblast Equipment
Allredi Blast and Abrasives Canada Inc.
We carry a wide range of sandblast equipment including portable systems, blast cabinets, lights, hoses, nozzles, filters. The equipment we supply is made b...

Industrial Dust Collectors
N.R. Murphy Limited
Since 1943, N.R. Murphy Ltd. has designed and manufactured dry dust collectors, cyclones, fans, spark detection and suppression systems, custom bag filters...