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Firing Industries Ltd
Firing Industries Ltd. can help you select, find and install the centrifuge that meets your business needs. With over 40-years’ experience consulting...

Material Handling Equipment
Wecon Systems Ltd.
At Wecon Systems Ltd., we combine decades of experience with innovative ideas to manufacture a full range of material handling equipment. Using advanced de...

Heat Resistant Cable
Lapp Canada Inc
Lapp Canada Inc. can supply heat resistant flexible control cable. These cables are ideal for use in applications that involve high temperatures and mechan...

Fabricating Glass
Pegasus Glass
We have been fabricating glass since 1968. Pegasus Glass can offer custom design and fabrication services whether you require a single prototype or high vo...

Backing Materials
Henkel Canada Corporation
Henkel Canada Corporation offers a range of rugged wear-resistant coatings and backing material as part of its Nordbak product line. The selection of Nordb...

Elevator Bolts
Advance Fasteners Ltd
Elevator bolts are available from Advance Fasteners Ltd. This type of bolt is similar to a carriage bolt, except it has a thin and flat head. Many differen...