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Automated Welding Equipment
Lincoln Electric (Canada)

Lincoln Electric can provide automated welding equipment for any application. The selection available includes pre-configured robotic cells, pipe and tu...

Honing Abrasives
Century Machine Inc

Century Machine Inc. can provide a wide range of honing abrasives, including both manufactured stone and abrasive cloth. These abrasives will enable you...

Wire Cable
Lapp Canada Inc

Lapp Canada Inc. can supply a wide variety of cable, wire and accessories. Our cable is used for a variety of applications in IT, machine and plant buil...

Alloy Bolts
Ken Forging

Ken Forging Inc. offers drop forged alloy bolts of many types. We have over 40 years of experience forging a range of industrial hardware including eyeb...

Aerospace Adhesives
Master Bond

Master Bond Inc. aerospace adhesives are designed to fulfill rigorous industry requirements for aerospace and defense electronics, interior aircraft app...

Stamping Dies
Matritech Inc.

Our die stamping procedures can help you get the perfect part in less time, for less money. Matritech Inc. uses proven methods to make your part. We use...