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					plastic conduit
Plastic Conduits
IBIS Electro-Products Corp.
IBIS Electro-Products Corp. is a proud supplier of an unparalleled range of plastic conduits by Flexa GmbH & Co., a noted producer of cable protection ...

Oil & Water Analyzers
Arjay Engineering Ltd.
Arjay Engineering Ltd provides monitors, controls and alarms for analyzing oil and water in a variety of applications. They feature easy calibration, no mo...

Industrial Fans
Canada Blower
If you’re looking for maximum, long-lasting, endurable fan power at a cost-efficient price for any small, large, in stock, or custom order, then Cana...

High Flex Cable
Lapp Canada Inc
Lapp Canada Inc. is the ideal source for high flex cable. You can trust our Olflex continuous flex control cables to withstand the ultimate limits of motio...

Tumbling Abrasives
Vibra Finish Limited
We sell tumbling abrasives that can help you achieve the perfect surface finish for your small parts. Tumbling machines can do surface work much faster and...

Double Containment Pipes
IPEX Management Inc.
Committed to quality and performance, IPEX Inc. designs and manufactures a diverse line of integrated thermoplastic piping systems. Double containment syst...