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Pipe Thread Compounds
Henkel Canada Corporation
Henkel Canada Corporation can offer a variety of pipe thread compounds that will seal and prevent corrosion on pipes and fittings. These thread sealants ar...
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Grinding Service
Gelderland Ltd.
Gelderland Ltd.’s grinding service will ensure that your component achieves your desired finish. When you get grinding work done, you need to be confiden...

Anti-Seize Lubricants
Henkel Canada Corporation
A range of anti-seize lubricants are available from Henkel Canada Corporation. We have developed a product line of premium quality compounds for protecting...

Diamond Tools
Century Machine Inc
Century Machine Inc. offers diamond tools as part of our wide selection of tooling equipment for high precision honing applications. We can provide diamond...

CSA Group
At CSA Group, we develop standards that can help your business reach its peak level of performance. Every business presents unique operational challenges, ...

Welders, Mig Welding & Cutting
Lincoln Electric (Canada)
At Lincoln Electric, we use our hundred years of experience to manufacture top-quality welding equipment and consumables, such as MIG welders. With manufac...