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Confectionery Conveyors
Norpak Handling Limited
Norpak Handling Limited can provide confectionery conveyors to suit any requirement. We have a broad selection of equipment available with many different c...

Anti-Seize Lubricants
Henkel Canada Corporation
A range of anti-seize lubricants are available from Henkel Canada Corporation. We have developed a product line of premium quality compounds for protecting...

Metals Descalers
Vibra Finish Limited
Vibra Finish Ltd. can provide metal descaling that can remove unwanted scale from your parts. Scale can severely damage your iron-based parts. If its surfa...

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Static Meters
Exair Corporation
Static electricity discharges can be annoying and frustrating in your home. In a factory, however, static shocks transform into potential threats to produc...

Dust Collector Equipment
N.R. Murphy Limited
N.R. Murphy Ltd. has over 70-years’ experience in custom manufacturing dust collector equipment. We pride ourselves on quality equipment which stands...
Frasers Product
PTFE Plastic
Johnston Industrial Plastics Limited
We offer Teflon products such as rods, tubes, moulded sheets, skived tape, and flexible heat shrink tubing. As the most slippery substance available, PTFE ...