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Stellantis preps cost cuts due to higher EV prices

CEO Tavares says car maker will need to reduce fixed, variable and distribution costs to keep EVs affordable.

January 11, 2023  

Bionic Algae

Festo automated bioreactor moves algae-based bio-products a step closer to economic viability.

January 9, 2023  

2022 Canadian auto sales lowest since 2009, DesRosiers says

Firm says sales improved 5.5 percent in December or approximately 109,000 new light vehicles.

January 4, 2023  

Single Axis Motion Controller

Galil’s 1-axis DMC-3x01x controller features Ethernet/RS232 communication and an optional 800W servo drive.

January 3, 2023  

Linear Motor Magnetic Tracks

ETEL’s MWD+ magnetic tracks boost performance of company’s LMG/LMS linear motors.

December 13, 2022  

NVIDIA researchers teach dexterity to robot hand via simulation

Isaac Gym robotics simulator trains end-effector dexterity 10,000 times faster than in real world, company says.

December 12, 2022  

Electric Linear Actuator

SMAC’s LPL Series 125 actuator designed for use on robot end effectors.

December 12, 2022  

Canada’s first full scale EV plant opens in Ingersoll, ON

Retooled GM CAMI production plant to make company’s BrightDrop Zevo 600 electric van.

December 7, 2022  

Washdown Servomotor

Siemens SIMOTICS S-1FS2 suitable for clean-in-place (CIP) processes and all commercially available cleaning agents.

December 6, 2022  

Competitors chip away at Tesla’s U.S. electric vehicle share

Tesla holds onto 65% of EV market, competitors gain in sub-$50,000 price range.

November 30, 2022  

Small Package, Big Energy

Mohawk Innovative leverages 3D printing to boost durability, slash cost of SOFC fuel cell components.

November 28, 2022  

Vertical Lift Stage

OES’ 600mm AT20-600 stage series features high loading and 5 micron repeatability.

November 21, 2022  

Electric air taxi company Archer plans Georgia factory

VTOL aircraft maker to invest $118M on new plant to reach 650 aircraft per year goal.

November 16, 2022  

Hybrids are most reliable vehicles, Consumer Reports survey finds

Practical, time-tested vehicle class not plagued by glitchy frills and complex transmissions, publication says.

November 15, 2022  

Counterbalance Valve

Danfoss valve for H1B bent-axis motor designed to expand motor’s use in open-circuit systems.

November 14, 2022  

Mini Planetary Gearmotors

Applied Motion Products’ PH Series designed for step motor applications.

November 9, 2022  

Get to know “predictive maintenance”

How the maintenance strategy leverages innovations in sensing and analytics technologies to overcome the drawbacks of traditional preventive maintenance.

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Magna’s hybrid transmission system starts production

48V 7-speed dual-clutch transmission to feature in new and future Stellantis vehicle models.

October 26, 2022  

Motor and Controller

Maxon’s IDX line combines brushless EC-i motor with an EPOS4 positioning controller.

October 5, 2022  

Merchandise trade surplus fell to $1.5B in August, StatsCan says

Total exports fell 2.9 per cent to $65.4 billion, moving lower for a second consecutive month.

October 5, 2022  

Michigan board approves $400M to advance EV batteries

U.S. state aims to stay competitive as Ford moves forward with new EV battery plants in other states.

October 5, 2022  

Servo-Drive System

Siemens SIMATIC MICRO-DRIVE designed for extra-low-voltage motors.

October 3, 2022  

Tesla humanoid robot takes first untethered steps at AI event

Musk says EV maker intends to make an “extremely capable” version of its Optimus robot in high volumes.

October 3, 2022  

Tailings Rover

Copperstone Technologies’ amphibious Helix robot mitigates the risks of monitoring tailings ponds.

September 27, 2022  

Slotted Flat Motor

Portescap’s 20ECF brushless flat motor combines motor performance with small package size.

September 19, 2022  

Biden touts EVs at Detroit auto show

‘Car guy’ president announced first $900M to build chargers across national highway system.

September 15, 2022  

AC Servo Motors

Kollmorgen EKM Series servo motors carry MilSpec 810E and IP67 ratings.

September 13, 2022  

GM venture starts building battery cells at new Ohio factory

Plant to help GM’s EVs to qualify for U.S. federal tax credit.

August 31, 2022