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Electric Actuators

Emerson’s AVENTICS actuator series offers three different screw technologies.

June 8, 2022  

Three-Axes Stages

OES YPR-45-15-60 stage series features four motor options.

June 3, 2022  

Amphibious cleantech robot wins Canadian innovation award

Four ‘wheel’, screw-driven HELIX drone automates surveys of toxic sludge tailing ponds.

June 2, 2022  

Tusk Automation becomes Rittal certified

B.C.-based machine builder specializes in programming, automation design and control panels.

May 31, 2022  

Stepper Motors

Haydon Kerk Pittman 43000 Max series delivers up to a 30% performance enhancement over its predecessor.

May 30, 2022  

Lawsuit accuses parts maker and 3 automakers in air bag case

Class action accuses auto parts maker of selling faulty air bag inflators.

May 24, 2022  

Higher prices lift Canadian manufacturing and wholesale sales, StatCan says

Manufacturing sales rose to C$70.2B in March, but sales in constant dollars remained unchanged.

May 18, 2022  

Feds, Ontario invest $1B to retool Stellantis plants to make electric vehicles

Car maker dedicates $2.6 billion toward plant restructuring and its Automotive Research and Development Centre in Windsor.

May 2, 2022  

Sask Polytech eco car nabs innovation award at Eco-Marathon 2022

Engineering students’ hyper-fuel efficient car features 3D printed body and recycled hockey stick frame.

April 25, 2022  

U of Calgary students convert ATV to solar to help Indigenous communities

Conversion reduces remote northern community’s dependence on high price fuels.

April 19, 2022  

Global EV demand offers singular opportunity for Canadian mining sector

Latest budget provides $3.8B to create Canada’s first critical minerals strategy.

April 13, 2022  

US agency opens probe into EV battery safety

NHTSA investigation sparked by rash of EV recalls due to battery defects.

April 6, 2022  

Canada, Ontario to each invest $259M in GM facilities

Production of the BrightDrop electric commercial vans expected to begin at Ingersoll facility later this year.

April 5, 2022  

Yaw-and-Pitch Stage

OES’ YP100-45 series of dual axis stages feature full range of motion of each axis under a single fixed point in space.

April 1, 2022  

BRP to make all electric motorcycles

Resurrected Can-Am motorcycle line expected to be available in mid 2024.

March 30, 2022  

GM Canada names new president and general manager

Executive chief engineer, Marissa West, to replace current GM, Scott Bell.

March 30, 2022  

Linear Actuator

Moticont electric cylinder features 1.25 micron resolution.

March 29, 2022  

Ukraine war spurring US push for hypersonic weapons

Cold War echoes as US rushes to equip super-fast, maneuverable weapon to match China, Russia.

March 21, 2022  

Canadian EV registrations soar in 2021

Number of BEVs and hybrids registered increases to 5 percent of new vehicles but increase lags behind EU.

March 16, 2022  

Gimbal Motors

Orbex mini pancake-style motors designed for low-speed, high-torque, quick-response applications.

March 15, 2022  

GM, Posco to build plant in Quebec to produce EV battery material

The US$400 million facility to process cathode active materials for GM’s Ultium batteries.

March 9, 2022  

Stainless Steel Motors

Baldor-Reliance food safe motor line now features AEGIS bearing protection.

March 2, 2022  

Fact Check: Biden takes half steps on electric vehicles

A look at the veracity of US political figures claims about EVs, jobs and Build Back Better plan.

February 15, 2022  

Google to help Ford establish Detroit research hub

Project to transform dilapidated train station into EV and self-driving vehicle R&D facility.

February 8, 2022  

Low voltage AC motors market saw historic growth in 2021

Supply chain disruption of key components drives 21.5% increase in revenue.

February 7, 2022  

AC motor

Siemens SIMOTICS SD200 severe-duty AC motors now with 75-800 hp output.

January 26, 2022  

GM to spend nearly $7B on EV, battery plants in Michigan

Investment marks the largest in company’s history, will make home state “epicenter” of EV industry, CEO says.

January 26, 2022  

Novel spinal cord injury treatment project spearheaded by UBC researchers

Multidisciplinary team’s project to employ bio-gel to bridge neural damage and encourage nerve regrowth.

January 12, 2022