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Fan & Exhaust Systems
N.R. Murphy Limited

N.R. Murphy Limited manufactures a wide range of fans and exhaust systems. Our solutions help companies ensure their working environments are clean and ...

Capacitance Operated Controls
Arjay Engineering Ltd.

We make a variety of process and environmental controls that are operated with capacitance technology. They use probes submerged in the target product t...

Hydraulic Tools
Dobco Equipment Ltd.

A variety of hydraulic tools and accessories are available from Dobco Equipment Ltd. No matter the requirement, whether it’s cutting, punching, be...

Linear Potentiometers
Durham Instruments

Durham Instruments is the ideal source for linear potentiometers. We can supply many varieties including spring loaded, in-cylinder, and miniature types...

Time Clocks
Kronos Canadian Systems Inc.

Kronos Canadian Systems Inc. provides time clocks that are suited to today’s modern workforce. For instance, the Kronos InTouch is a time clock th...

Frasers Product
Processing Conveyors
Norpak Handling Limited

Equipped with a strong team and modern facilities, Norpak Handling Limited. designs and manufactures top-quality processing and other conveyors. With wa...