Absopulse Electronics' HBLF 2000 is an ac/dc power supply employs field-proven full-bridge topology to deliver 2000 W from a 9.28 x 2.25 x 13.37 in. chassis. The standard version provides 24 Vdc/83 A, 48 V/42 A or 56 V/36 A and accepts a 230 Vac (±15%) input.

0 February 28, 2006

Other input and output voltages are available on request. The addition of a redundancy diode at a system level would allow for parallel connection to achieve higher output power or N+1 redundancy. This fan-cooled unit features a Form C output fail alarm and full protection on the input and output. It meets the requirements for EN55022 Class A as a minimum, with additional filtering to meet Class B EMI available. Other options include additional ruggedizing and conformal coating for applications that require immunity to high levels of shock, vibration, humidity, moisture and airborne contaminants.

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