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Design Engineering is published 6 times per year. Check out our editorial vision for each issue:

Jan/Feb 2018

Career Guide Edition

Space Close: Jan 12

Material Close: Jan 17

Mail Date: Feb 9

 Industry Spotlight Engineering Career Guide:
Trends, issues and opportunities in the mechanical engineering profession
 Design Tools & Technologies
  • Mechanical CAD
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • 3D Scanning
 Automation & Motion Control
  • Automation
  • Power Transmission
  • Sensors
 Special Features Industry Insight:
An engineering employment market analysis of growing industries and in-demand disciplines

Mar/Apr 2018

Fluid Power Edition

Space Close: Mar 16

Material Close: Mar 21

Mail Date: Apr 13

 Industry Spotlight Aerospace:
The engineering behind Canada’s aerospace industry
 Design Tools & Technologies
  • Mechanical CAD: Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
Automation & Motion Control Fluid Power Roundtable:
Industry leaders discuss trends in the Canadian fluid power market
 Special Features Fluid Power Buyers’ Guide: 
An annual guide to fluid power products and suppliers


May/Jun 2018

Design Tools Edition

Space Close: May 4

Material Close: May 9

Mail Date: June 1

 Industry Spotlight Automotive
The tools, techniques and trends in Canada’s automotive design industry
 Design Tools & Technologies 3D Printing Source Guide:
A listing of AM service providers in Canada
 Automation & Motion Control
  • Automation
  • Motors & Drives
  • Power Transmission
 Special Features Additive Manufacturing Supplement: 
An overview and analysis of Canada’s AM industry


September 2018

Motion Control Edition

Space Close: Aug 3

Material Close: Aug 8

Mail Date: Aug 31

 Industry Spotlight Defence
A look at the opportunities and design challenges of the defence sector
 Design Tools & Technologies
  • Mechanical CAD: Motion analysis and Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)
 Automation & Motion Control Motion Control Roundtable:
Industry leaders discuss trends in the Canadian motion control market
 Special Features Motion Control Buyers’ Guide: 
An annual guide to Motion Control products and suppliers

October 2018

Automation Edition

Space Close: Sept 21

Material Close: Sept 26

Mail Date: Oct 19

 Industry Spotlight Robotics
Profile of robotic products and applications
 Design Tools & Technologies
  • Mechanical CAD
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • 3D Scanning
 Automation & Motion Control
  • Metrology
  • Sensors
  • Motors & Drives
 Special Features IIoT Supplement: 
An overview of the Industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 paradigms

Nov/Dec 2018

Product Design Edition

Space Close: Nov 2

Material Close: Nov 7

Mail Date: Nov 30

 Industry Spotlight Medical Design
Profiles of medical device designers and the engineering challenges they overcome
 Design Tools & Technologies
  • Mechanical CAD
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • 3D Scanning
 Automation & Motion Control
  • Automation
  • Fluid Power
  • Power Transmission
 Special Features Sustainable Design: 
Design strategies for end-of-life and energy efficiency



Upfront:  Mergers, acquisitions, award announcements and promotions

Design News: The latest up-to-date industry coverage

CAD Report: In-depth coverage of the latest products, trends and issues related to computer aided design software including MCAD, PDM, CAE, etc.

Design Applications: Application stories focused on various industries

Canadian Innovator: Profiles of inventive Canadian engineers and their projects

Inside Design: An in-depth look at the application of design philosophies in Canadian design engineering firms

Idea Generator: An overview of the latest industrial products including:

actuators, automation, ballscrews, bearings, controllers, couplings, cylinders, drives, electronics, enclosures, encoders, fasteners, fluid power, guides, HMIs, hydraulics, industrial networking, linear guides, motion control, motors, PACs, PLCs, pneumatics, power transmission, pumps, robotics, sensors, switches, valves, and more!


Design Engineering’s Additive Manufacturing and IIoT supplements will appear in print (run-of-press), as a digital edition and in a web-based presentation.

The Additive Manufacturing supplement will explore industrial applications of the technology, present product reviews, offer tips for designing for AM and detail the capabilities of Canada’s service provider network. You can check out the 2017 AM Guide here!

The IIoT supplement will present an overview of the technology and protocols, explore the ROI of IIoT and present practical applications.


Please send your product reviews, case studies, application stories, technical articles and white papers to our editor, Mike McLeod.

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