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Alibre Design 2011 Released

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CAD/CAM/CAE Alibre CAD software Software

Latest version features native 64-bit code, faster performance, sheet metal conversion.

Alibre Inc. announced Alibre Design 2011, which the company says represents a complete C# code base rewrite of the software. The result is a native 64-bit application that can address large memory resources allowing the application to handle large and complex assemblies.

In addition, Alibre Design 2011 features a new Sheet Metal Conversion Tool. With it, imported or natively designed solids can be automatically converted into unfoldable sheet metal parts. Consequently, users can take libraries of dumb solids generated from other applications and convert them into native, editable sheet metal parts.  Sheet metal parts can also be designed in a normal part workspace and then converted to sheet metal later.

For less advanced users, the latest release features a 2D Detailing Framework, a set of context-sensitive tools that almost eliminate the need for toolbars and dialogs , the company says.  Other features include virtual intersection dimensioning, automatic part re-orientation, new hole presets and multi-plane creation, among others.

Alibre Design 2011 is available for download at the online Alibre Store.



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