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Amazon pushes further into AM with AmazonBasics line of filaments

Devin Jones   


You can currently pre-order three different filaments which are set to ship by August 30.


In addition to working on different additive manufacturing projects Amazon is now accepting preorders on their own product line of 3D printing filaments, falling under the AmazonBascics line of items.

Customers can pick from PLA, ABS and PETG filament in multiple colours. The page dedicated to the PETG explains that the filament has 1.75 mm diameter + / – .05 mm. Each spool includes a built-in gauge, which shows both the percentage of material remaining and the approximate length remaining. Also, the recommended printing temperature is printed on each spool.

While this is Amazon’s first foray into proprietary AM filament, the company has been selling consumer grade 3D printing products for the past five years. But according to Vine Voice reviews (an Amazon created initiative so take this with a grain of salt) the PETG filament has been scoring incredibly high with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5.


Nerd Alert, a Youtube pop culture channel associated with The Young Turks had this to say about the Amazon backed filaments.

“First, I want to specify that AmazonBasics is a surprisingly good brand for filament, and that includes PETG. It comes vacuum-sealed with a desiccant pack and shows no signs of moisture damage, with silky prints. The spools are high quality, marked well, and wound properly. I have yet to have any issues.”

Whatever your feelings on Amazon when it comes to it’s maligned working conditions, the fact that they’ve waded into the AM industry with their own product is certainly interesting.

A single spool will set you back $19.99 for 1kg, while a multipack of five will cost $79.99. Preorders are set to ship on August 30.


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