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ANSYS releases SpaceClaim 2015

Latest version includes new mesh tools for analysis and 3D printing prep.

November 20, 2014   by Design Engineering staff

Regularize triangles to evenly position them across a surface (Image: SpaceClaim)

Regularize triangles to evenly position them across a surface (Image: SpaceClaim)

ANSYS announced the release of SpaceClaim 2015, which features enhancements to the CAD suite’s general modeling, simulation prep, sheet metal, interoperability and 3D printing preparation capabilities.

To assist in 3D printing, for example, SpaceClaim 2015 includes new thickness and overhang analysis tools as well as the ability to direct edit of meshes with the application’s Pull/Move tools. In addition, users gain the ability to scale meshes non-uniformly and evenly distribute triangles across a mesh surface.

Additional SpaceClaim improvements include imprint and wrap tools for easier simulation edits plus new simulation cleanup and detection tools: Short Edges, Overlap Faces, Corrupt Faces. The lastest version also features improved integration with ANSYS Workbench – which, for example, lets CFD engineers quickly extract the fluid volume of designs instead of relying on CAD engineers to edit geometries.

SpaceClaim 2015 also includes new file import/export capabilities including multi-threaded import for more file formats (JT, CATIA CGR); the ability to map CATIA Geometric sets to SpaceClaim groups on file import; OBJ texture export and updated support for Inventor 2015, NX 9, Parasolid 26, Solid Edge ST6 and
SolidWorks 2014.


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