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Antaira awarded U.S. patent for iPoE Budget Control

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Technology protects industrial switches from damage.

Antaira’s PoE++ switch integrate company’s patented iPoE Budget Control software.
(Photo credit: Antaira Technologies)

Antaira Technologies announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued a patent for the company’s iPoE Budget Control, software that helps prevent damage to Antaira industrial PoE switches by preventing the switch from overrunning its set PoE budget. Once a switch’s power budget crosses an overdrawn parameter, the software begins shuting off power on the switch’s PoE ports, starting the highest port number and ending with the highest priority port 1.

A low voltage PoE switch can be powered by 12-52VDC while still providing the 48-52VDC to powered devices required by the IEEE standard. This is made possible by a power booster built into the switch circuitry. However, since PoE switches operate more efficiently at 36VDC than at 12VDC, the power budget will change depending on the input voltage.

At 12VDC the switch budget is 90W, but at 24VDC it is 150W, and at 48-55VDC it is 240W. Antaira iPoE Budget Control auto-senses the voltage input and limits the PoE power budget to 90W when the switch is powered by only 12VDC. Conversely, iPoE Budget Control will increase the budget to 240W if the voltage rises to 48VDC. This protects the industrial switch from damage.

Antaira iPoE Budget Control is featured in the company’s LNP-C501G-SFP-BT-24 and LNP-C501G-SFP-BT-24-T 5-port industrial Gigabit IEEE PoE++ unmanaged Ethernet switches. Antaira plans to integrate iPoE Budget Control into more of its industrial managed and unmanaged switches.



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