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Augmented Reality for Showcase blends real and virtual in real time

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Autodesk extends Augmented Reality plug-in for Showcase trial period until 2013.

Autodesk Labs announced that it has extended the trial of its Augmented Reality plug-in for Showcase until January 31, 2013. The plug-in lets users overlay 3D models in Showcase on to a real world scene in real time.

For example, the software can project the model of a dining table into a live web cam video feed of a living room or anywhere the camera picks up a distinct pattern or symbol. The model, complete with dynamic lighting, looks as though it’s actually in the – in reality – empty space. Users can also quickly switch between multiple versions of a model.

A natural fit for architects and product designers, the plug-in could also be used to composite any Showcase compatible 3D object at any size and in any location. Download the plug-in on the Autodesk Labs website.



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