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Autodesk Labs Offers Free Mechanical Simulation App

Tech preview, Project Simulus, combines Fusion interface with cloud computing to run multiple simultaneous simulations.

May 28, 2012   by Design Engineering Staff

Autodesk Labs recently released Project Simulus, a free technology preview that uses the Autodesk Inventor Fusion interface to help users simplify CAD models in prep for simulation. In addition, the application can setup and run multiple studies simultaneously through Autodesk’s cloud-based simulation service.

The downloadable application allows for geometry creation and editing; model simplification; simulation setup and management; viewing and comparison of results, as well as the ability to save simulation documents. In addition, it opens Inventor, SAT and STEP files to run a number of simulations including linear static stress, modal frequencies, steady state thermal and thermal-stress coupling.

The Autodesk Labs web site for the project provides a download link for the app and a pdf tutorial file (pdf link) to help get things started. According to the site, the technology preview will operate until January 1, 2013.


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