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Autodesk Survey shows that 3D product images help sales


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According to an Autodesk, Inc. Design Survey conducted in early June, “a strong majority of consumers say being able to see 3D images of prospective purchases online makes them more likely to buy those products, consider them high quality and less likely to return them.”

Over two-thirds of individuals suggested that they would like to learn about products through 3D images where they can zoom in and out. Also, they prefer websites where they can see how a product works in the real world before purchasing.

Amongst the other findings on the 3D visualization of products and probable customer behaviour in a survey conducted by Infogroups Opinion Research Corporation are as follows:
– More than 80 percent of consumers say online 3D images make them more likely to purchase a product.
– 65 percent say they would be less likely to return a product after viewing it in 3D online.
– 78 percent say 3D images make them “comfortable” that the product they are viewing is high quality.
– About 60 percent say they would be more likely to purchase if they had 3D instructions showing how to assemble and use a product.
– Though consumers say 3D makes them more likely to buy and less likely to return products, only 31 percent say they would pay more for a product they see in 3D online. In other words, they prefer 3D and expect to see it.
– Preference for 3D images online increases with income: half of those with annual incomes below $35,000 prefer 3D images of something they are interested in buying, while 70 percent with annual incomes of $100,000 or more prefer 3D.
– Consumers under 65 prefer viewing 3D website images of products they are interested in buying, while consumers over 65 prefer print brochures.

Other information on the survey:
– Ran from June 5 through June 7, phone interviews with 1,005 adults in a random sample of households
– Interviewees were U.S. citizens over the age of 18 and results were weighed through four demographic characteristics: age, sex, geographic region and race.
– Sampling error is no more than +/- 3.1%



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