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A & A Manufacturing Co., Inc. has announced the NT automatic door opening system. NT Automatic Door Openers help maintain productivity by automatically opening and closing machine tool doors. Said to be the only automatic door opening system specifically designed for field retrofit on existing machinery, NT openers are a practical, cost-effective solution for companies that machine medium to high part volumes.

The safe, ergonomic design protects operators of automatic machining equipment from crushing and repetitive motion injuries. Units automatically reverse when objects are detected in their path.

The NT openers incorporate a pre-programmed control module that is easy to use. Several input and output commands are available, and they can be wired into the machine’s controller to close the door, or a simple on-off circuit can be used. The system also can feed back key out puts and messages to the machine controller. Its self-contained design makes installation quick, easy and cost-effective.

The door openers open single or double doors, have unlimited travel distances and are self-calibrating. Fully electric operation requires no shop air, and units operate without extra limit switches, light curtains, pressure switches or photo eyes. An internal braking system engages in any stopped position.



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