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Automotive mini circuit breaker with added safety feature


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E-T-A Circuit Breakers Ltd. has introduced a new ‘type 2’  version of their automotive mini circuit breaker with added safety benefits.

The new 1620 and 1626 breakers feature a modified reset to SAE J553, which means the contacts stay in the open position until the load voltage is removed. The reset process begins only after the voltage is removed. This feature ensures the breaker won’t automatically reset to cause more damage.
An additional heating element allows the contacts to be kept open that will heat up the bimetal disk in the tripped state to prevent automatic snap-back operation.  

The major challenge in developing this type 2 version was to get the correct position and size of the heating element so the breaker does not become too hot. Competitive products become too hot while E-T-A’s mini CBE allows a temperature rise within SAE limits.

The 1620 and the 1626 are ideally suited for a wide variety of vehicles including automobiles, trucks with 12V systems, motor homes, off-road vehicles, agricultural and construction equipment as well as emergency vehicles. They have been designed to fit OEM applications as well as the automotive aftermarket. They fit into any standard fuse block.


Major features and benefits of the 1620/1626 are:

  • no spare fuses need as it is resettable
  • colour coded to identify existing ratings
  • interchangeable with blade fuses
  • small size (13.3 mm wide) fits into mini fuse blocks
  • reliable E-T-A performance in all vehicles


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