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Bearing grease for wind turbines


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SKF has announced the release of the SKF High Load Wide Temperature Bearing Grease LGBB 2. The grease has been especially developed for wind turbine applications to provide excellent lubrication for the demanding operating conditions of blade and yaw bearings. These bearings are subjected to high loads, temperatures varying from very low to medium (-40°C to 120°C) and very slow speeds including oscillating movements and standing-still conditions.

The often static conditions in combination with vibrations can lead to false brinelling; a situation where the lubricant is pushed away from between the contact surfaces resulting in corrosion. SKF LGBB 2 has proven to provide excellent lubrication under these conditions preventing corrosion from false brinelling.

Additionally, the trend to install wind turbines offshore adds extra requirements for corrosion protection and low temperatures. The innovative composition of SKF LGBB 2 now fulfils these requirements. This grease is based on highly refined synthetic base oil (PAO), and complex lithium thickener, which makes it most suitable for lubricating bearings operating in temperatures ranging from -40°C up to 120°C.

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