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Bimba expands portfolio of switches with the new EdgeSwitch


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University Park, IL – Bimba Manufacturing, an industry-leading innovator of actuation technology, has introduced a completely new Solid-State switch series to its family of switch products.

These new switches add additional benefits such as a smaller operating window, smaller hysteresis, and tighter repeatability all as a result of a new, innovative and intelligent sensing algorithm that senses magnet edge instead of magnetic field. These enhanced-performance EdgeSwitch™ solid-state switches provide enhanced magnetic sensing capabilities making them ideal for use in even the most difficult cylinder sensing applications.

In addition, the new EdgeSwitch™ line features a 90-degree configuration, which is now also available in Bimba’s popular 4mm, C-slot magnetic MR reed switch, MS auto-configure switch, MSC sourcing switch, and MSK sinking switches. The sleek 90-degree profile is optimal for applications in tight locations, or in shorter cylinders such as Bimba “Flat” cylinders. The configuration also offers great value in applications that depend on cable routing.

“There are innumerable benefits users will experience from using a Bimba EdgeSwitch™ with a Bimba cylinder,” says Gil Guajardo, Product Marketing Manager. “The Solid-State switch detects magnet thickness not magnetic field, which means there is a smaller overrun distance and a huge advantage when employed in time-critical applications.

“In addition,” says Mr. Guajardo, “as it is a two-wire switch, the new EdgeSwitch™ series behaves like a solid-state reed switch. With only two wires, it will be easier to wire, serve as a direct replacement for a standard reed switch, have a longer life, feature no moving parts, and provide much more sensitive and accurate operations.”


Bimba’s inventory of new switches is now available as are supporting materials such as CAD models, updated catalogs, and videos detailing the performance advantages of the new 90-degree and new EdgeSwitch™ series switches.


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