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Borehole pumps for deep well water recovery


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KSB’s B-Pumps are designed to extract water from deep wells or boreholes.

These products, which are also known as Deep Well Turbine or DWT pumps, have their intake and impellers located at the lower end of a long vertical tube and discharge nozzle positioned at the top.

The motor is mounted on a pedestal that sits above the tube where it is dry and readily accessible for service.

Because of their modular design, the length of the assembly can be varied by changing the number of tube and driveshaft stages, up to a maximum suspended depth of 120 metres.

The type of impellers and the number of impeller stages can also be customized to meet an application’s head and flow requirements


B-Pumps are a versatile and highly reliable choice for applications such as water table lowering or maintenance in mines or quarries, water extraction for water supply or irrigation systems and the circulation of cooling water in industrial plants.

There are twelve pump sizes available, ranging from 6 in. (150 mm) to 24 in. (600 mm) diameter. The maximum delivered head of the B-Pump family is 160 metres, while flow rates of up to 2,600 cubic metres per hour are available.

Thanks to the customizable design, KSB application engineers can help customers select a configuration that will meet their exact requirements.


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