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igus plastic E4-1 and E2 micro e-chains guaranteed to last 36 months.

Choosing the right energy chain is crucial for any application. The decision you make could either extend the service life of your cables and hoses, improve machine safety, and reduce operation costs or be the cause of unplanned downtime and machine failure. That’s why you should consider e-chain®, a high-strength engineered plastic solution.

e-chains® are lighter than steel, vibration-damping, maintenance-free, and resist corrosion and abrasion. Plus, they’re rigorously tested each year inside our 41,000ft2 test lab in Germany and are guaranteed to last 36 months.

There are various types and sizes of e-chains® available, but today we’ll focus on the E2 micro and E4.1. Read on to discover their benefits, design options, and applicable industries and applications.

The E4.1

E4-1 e-chain® cable carriers are modular high-strength plastic cable management systems that can be adapted to virtually any application. They can also run for years with just basic visual inspections.


The E4-1 can carry all types of cables and hoses inside a single system, including power, data, fiber optic, media and hydraulics. Specialized designs and materials are available for various types of motion and environmental factors, such as extremely high speeds and chemical resistance.


  • Smooth, cable-friendly interior surfaces

  • Low noise operation thanks to integrated “brake” on the radial stop dogs

  • Sound dampers available as an additional noise-reducing feature

  • Suitable for a wide range of applications

  • Numerous interior cable separation options available

  • Widths up to 2,000mm through extension links

  • Can open on both sides

  • Maximum travel distance: More than 656ft

  • Abrasion and corrosion resistant

  • Maintenance-free

Applications & Industrial Sectors:

  • Port and terminal cranes

  • Indoor/EOT cranes

  • Composting systems

  • Sewage treatment plants

  • Machine tools

  • General mechanical engineering

  • Materials-handling technology

  • Construction machinery

  • Wood working

  • Robotics and handling systems

To learn more about E4.1 e-chain® cable carriers, visit our webpage.

The E2 Micro

The E2 micro is our smallest e-chain® cable carrier, measuring up to 15mm of inner height. Seven widths are available that range between 6mm and 50mm.

We offer the E2 micro as a one-piece or two-piece energy chain. Both styles feature mounting brackets that can be locked or pivot to one or both sides. You can easily snap open the chain along the inner or outer radius (depending on the series) using a special tool we provide. Closed E2 micro chains are also available.

Separators within the chain keep your cables safe and prevent them from getting tangled. You can choose either standard separators for a simple vertical subdivision or notch separators that lock safely onto 2.5mm increments. Notch separators are recommended for side-mounted applications.

E2 mirco e-chains® are ideal for horizontal, sideways, vertical and rotating applications.


  • One & two-piece chains from 5mm inner height

  • High torsion resistance

  • Lightweight

  • Snap-open or closed design

  • Internal separators — standard or notch

  • Locked or pivoting mounting brackets with optional strain relief

  • Small pitch for silent operation

Applications & Industries:

  • General construction machinery

  • Models

  • Automatic doors

  • Vehicles

  • Measuring machines

  • Electronics

  • Handling systems

  • Delta pick and place robot

To learn more about the E2 micro, visit our webpage or contact e-chain® Product Manager Dan Thompson with any questions.


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