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Calgary’s Exro says its intelligent coil driver ready for electric cars

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Company’s EV tech optimizes electric motor speed/torque performance under load and in real time.

(Photo credit: Exro Technologies)

Exro Technologies Inc. announced that it has completed the engineering validation on its 100 Volt Coil Driver for electric cars. According to the company, testing has proven that the series-to-parallel algorithms that drive the company’s intelligent coil switching technology operates as expected under load.

Typically, electric motors are tuned to maximize either speed or torque, or some compromise between the two performance stats. The Calgary-based company’s intelligent coil switching technology, however, can automatically select the appropriate motor configuration in real time so that torque demand and efficiency are optimized. As a result, the technology removes the need, in an electric vehicle, for a gearbox or a dual electric motor setup (i.e. one optimized for low-end torque and the other for speed.)

With validation of the company’s 100V Coil Driver version complete, Exro says it’s on schedule to deliver a prototype to Potencia Industrial, S.A. DE C.V., one of Mexico’s largest motor manufacturers.

“I am extremely pleased with the speed-torque results from our bench tests,” said Eric Hustedt, Chief Engineer of Exro. “I have no concerns over the operations of the drive moving forward. The hardware is more than able to support the dynamic switching under loads, and demonstration of these algorithms in the drive is a major breakthrough.”



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