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Canada announces new NSERC research networks

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Canadian Forest Nanoproducts Network (ArboraNano) and the Quebec Consortium for Drug Discovery adds networks to The Green Aviation Research and Development Network.

The government of Canada has announced the establishment of two newBusiness-Led Network of Centres of Excellence (BL-Network) in theMontréal area. BL-Networks are large-scale, collaborativeresearch networks led by the private sector and focused on specificbusiness research needs.

“This is one ofthe Government of Canada’s key investments that will ensure thecountry’s long-term prosperity and growth,” said Jean-Pierre Blackburn,Minister of National Revenue and Minister of State (Agriculture).”These two new networks will encourage more private sector investmentin research and development and will train the next generation ofresearchers, while helping to close the gap between research andcommercialization.”


As part of theannouncement, the Canadian Forest Nanoproducts Network (ArboraNano) inPointe-Claire will receive $8.9 million and the QuébecConsortium for Drug Discovery (CQDM) in Montréal will receive$8 million over four years.

These twoBL-Networks bring the total number to four. The Green Aviation Researchand Development Network in Ottawa was announced on January 7, while theSustainable Technologies for Energy Production Network in Regina wasannounced on January 20. The total funding requested by the foursuccessful BL-Networks came to $39.2 million.

TheBL-Networks are administered by the Networks of Centres of Excellence(NCE) Secretariat. Launched in 1989, the NCE is an initiative of thethree federal granting agencies – the Natural Sciences and EngineeringResearch Council of Canada (NSERC), the Social Sciences and HumanitiesResearch Council of Canada (SSHRC) and the Canadian Institutes forHealth Research (CIHR) – in partnership with Industry Canada.

“TheNCE program is proud to be a part of the government’s vision for a moreprosperous, advanced and competitive Canada,” said Dr. Suzanne Fortier,Chair of the NCE Steering Committee and President of NSERC. “These newBL-Networks will work on important, multifaceted Canadian problemswhile bringing the very best ideas to the marketplace. We look forwardto helping them achieve their maximum potential and impact.”


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