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Canada buys F-35 Lightning II from Lockheed Martin

July 19, 2010   Staff

The Government of Canada announced plans to acquire
the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II as the country’s next-generation
fighter aircraft. The F-35 will replace Canada’s fleet of CF-18 Hornets
that entered service in the early 1980s.

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1 Comment » for Canada buys F-35 Lightning II from Lockheed Martin
  1. Jim evans says:

    1958 Arrow MK1 Wingspan: 50 feet
    Length: 85 feet 6 inches Height: 21 feet 3 inches Weight (empty) 43 960 pounds
    Weight (max take-off) 62 430 pounds Cruising speed: 700 mph
    (Mach 1.06 Max speed: 1 312 mph (Mach 1.98) Climbing speed (0 to 50 000 feet)
    4 minutes 24 seconds that’s = to 15,240 meters! Operating ceiling: 58 500 feet
    = 17,830.8 meters Interception ceiling: 75 000 feet = 22,860 meters Power
    plants: 2 x Pratt Whitney J-75 rated at 23 450 pounds each Right lets here it
    for the old 1958 Arrow If you think that’s good have a look at the Bourdeau 5th
    gen MK3 Arrow! IF the Bourdeau
    5TH GEN MK3 is build then, as a Canadain I have to say sorry for your
    Stealth is over rated it dose not
    make you invisible just smaller on the radar screen. Any radar operator worth
    his pay grade would report and ask for and intercept on a swarm of bees
    traveling at Mach 1+. There are better and cheaper ways to over come radar then
    stealth. Like Raytheon Anti Advanced SAM Missile Combo MALD, JSOW HARM. have A
    look if you never heard of these systems. Will Trump kill the F-35 like his talking about doing?

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