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Canadian combat-ready rechargeable battery scores federal funding

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FedDev awards VC funding to develop Ottawa-based Panacis Inc. Soldier Sharepack battery system.

OTTAWA — Lithium battery system maker, Panacis, announced that it has been awarded up to $613,457 to fund development of its Soldier Sharepack wearable energy storage system targeted at the defense market.

The company hopes to commercialize the Sharepack to help militaries deal with the challenges of the modern battlefield. Soldier carry an increasing number of electronic devices — from standard communications to sophisticated night vision goggles and navigation gear. With that comes the need for an array of power sources that can weigh a combatant down. Canadian soldiers, for example, currently carry up to seven kilos of double A batteries during a mission.

In contrast, Panacis is developing rechargeable battery packs that weigh less, last longer and can be used in extreme cold or hot conditions. In addition, the systems can be customized to integrate into a soldier’s clothing or weapons.

Specifically, Panacis’ system is both a battery and an energy management device that uses flexible energy sharing, harvesting and scavenging techniques that allow a user’s movement and renewable sources such as solar to supplement the battery charge and provide reliable power.


According to the company, the FedDev Ontario investment has helped Panacis attract another $1,226,916 in private investment from the Capital Angel Network.


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