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Carbon Engineering begins design phase of UK’s first large-scale CO2 capture facility

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When complete, facility will remove and store up to 1M tonnes of CO2 annually, company says.

Computer rendering of proposed CO2 capture facility. (Photo credit: Carbon Engineering)

Direct air CO2 capture firm, Carbon Engineering, announced the start of the engineering and design of a Europe-based DAC facility that will permanently remove between 500,000 and one million tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere annually. The initial phases will be carried out with partner, Storegga, a UK company pioneering carbon reduction and removal projects

Planned for North-East Scotland, the proposed facility will be the first large-scale facility of its kind in Europe and the partners are aiming for it to be operational by 2026. A shortlist of potential sites has been identified with the final preferred site to be selected as part of the initial phase. Locations being considered are in proximity to the Acorn CCS project, a UK CCS and hydrogen project positioned to be the most cost-effective and scalable in the UK.

According to the companies, Scotland offers numerous advantages, including abundant renewable energy sources, existing infrastructure, and a skilled workforce from the North Sea oil and gas industry. Scotland also offers significant offshore storage sites where the captured atmospheric carbon dioxide can be stored deep below the seabed.

“Our first one megaton DAC facility is underway in the US, and we’re thrilled to be working with Storegga to develop a large-scale facility in the UK – the first of its kind and size in Europe,” said Steve Oldham, CEO of CE. “These facilities will demonstrate that large-scale DAC technology is a feasible, affordable and available tool that is ready to help bring global emissions down to net zero, and eventually net negative.”



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