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Devcon liquid Flexane compounds are suitable for a variety of applications including strain relief, potting and encapsulating, forming non scratching holding fixtures, and edging and sealing felt belts and dryer fabric in the paper industry. Also used for patching cable jackets after splicing, these castable, nonshrinking, waterproof urethanes hold up indoors or outdoors under conditions of abrasion, vibration, and temperature cycling. They withstand service temperatures ranging to 350°F.

Liquid Flexanes produce no VOC emissions, cure at room temperature, and are available in several viscosities with cured hardnesses from Shore A 78 (or lower with Flex-Add additive) to Shore A 97, tensile strengths to 3300 psi, tear resistances to 515 pli, and dielectric strengths to 350 V/mil.


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