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Cat-themed robot serves sushi in Toronto restaurant

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Pudu Robotics’ BellaBot designed to provide contact-less delivery during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Toronto restaurant, Sushi Island, has introduced a new cat-like server robot called the BellaBot to provide contact-less delivery during the COVID-19 outbreak. According to staff, the restaurant has experienced a sharp increase in its number of visits since BellaBot was adopted on January 17.

Developed by Pudu Robotics, the indoor delivery robot features a cute cat face and multi-modal interaction that integrates visual, tactile and auditory senses. According to the company, the BellaBot can move, orient and navigate autonomously in crowded environments and deliver food to 3 to 4 tables at a time. When it arrives at a table, a light strip beside the tray flashes, reminding the customers to pick up the food. After the food is taken off the tray, the light strip goes out, at which point the robot moves on to the next table.

In addition to the basic delivery mode, BellaBot also comes with a cruise mode, which is designed for the robot to move back and forth to deliver snacks or buffet food. In cruise mode, the robot can walk around at the front door of the shopping center or the restaurant to help attract customers. BellaBot also offers a birthday mode, in which it delivers birthday cakes accompanied by music blessings.



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