C&K low-profile smart card connectors

C&K Components has introduced the CCM01 MK5 series low-profile smart card connectors. Compatible with Europay, MasterCard, Visa (EMV) and payment card industry (PCI) standards, the series is well suited for point-of-sale (POS), mobile-point-of-sale (mPOS), transaction, and identification applications.

0 May 18, 2015

CCM01 MK5 series smart card connectors feature a sealed card-detection switch and robust construction with an operating life of 500,000 cycles.

They are available in two low-profile options: a 4.0 mm plastic cover with 10 N (max) insertion force or 3.2 mm metal cover with 40 N (max) insertion force, both of which feature a card extraction force of 1N(min) and 10 N (max).

Designed to meet specifications for several different applications, CCM01 MK5 Series connectors are also available with short, recessed contact tails for PCI applications; long contact tails that are exposed to facilitate re-work; and long contact tails with metal pegs for heavy duty 40 N insertion force applications. In addition, the connectors are available with a full range of ESD options, including full, partial, and non-ESD protection.

“The CCM01 MK5 series connectors provide design engineers with a flexible means of adding smart card connectivity to a wide range of identification or transaction functions in either point-of-sale or mobile POS applications,” explained Jean-Michel Bourin, business development director at C&K.  “They also conform to EMV and PCI standards.”

All versions of the RoHS-compliant CCM01 MK5 series smart card connectors feature a 500,000-cycle life and an operating temperature range spanning -40°C to 85°C.

For more information about C&K’s CCM01 MK5 series smart card connectors, please visit http://www.ck-components.com/90233/ccm01-mk5-specification.pdf/ to access the datasheet, view the product series matrix, and locate an authorized distributor near you. For all other inquiries, please visit http://www.ck-components.com/ or call 617-969-3700.

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