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The Actuator Division of Parker Hannifin has introduced the LCB series of compact linear actuators. The series incorporates a low friction, dry running sliding bearing carriage said to provide long, reliable travel life - even at 100% duty cycle. Coupled with Parker motors/controls, the series of linear actuators is also said to offer a fully programmable, high-performance solution at a competitive cost, while reducing space requirements.

Low carriage mass and a steel-reinforced timing belt enable high acceleration and sustained velocity. With acceleration at 20 m/s2 and speeds up to 8 m/s, the actuators can achieve throughput comparable to linear motors at a fraction of the cost. The simple, cost-effective design makes these linear actuators ideal for replacing pneumatic actuators in applications that require tight control, accuracy and high performance.

An external maintenance-free sliding guide, with integrated dry-film lubricant, is incorporated as part of aluminum profile to eliminate two-rail adjustments. A sliding carriage is available in three sizes to increase load capacity vis-Ã -vis pitch and yaw moments. Quick-changeable, low-friction sliding blocks ensure smooth travel motion without detensioning the timing belt, and flex-resistant, mechanically/chemically robust profiles are compact enough for applications where space is at a premium.

The actuators feature a generously dimensioned timing belt to assure high stiffness and accuracy. A variety of drive options are designed to maximize operational flexibility. Using two basic LCB units in tandem provides dual-axis capability. Series accessories encompass a range of electrical limit switches tailored to specific installation parameters along with sliding blocks, external bumpers, clamping profiles and T-nut/bolt assemblies. Options cover R/L drive orientation, drive shaft type (single/double), free drive shaft or as equipped with coupling kit.



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