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Polygon Company has announced the development of new series of applications for its Polygon Tube line of composite materials--including prototypes of a special drum shell for marching band drumlines. According to Polygon product manager Paul Lashbrook, the idea for the new drum application came from his experience as a marching band percussionist.

"A typical wooden drum shell made of maple or mahogany is fine for indoor use," said Lashbrook, "but playing outdoors in the rain, heat, and cold really takes a toll on tone and volume. Not to mention the wear and tear on the drum itself. These were the problems we were looking to address." The new Polygon composite drum shell is designed to take whatever the weather has to dish out. The drum shell will also produce a cleaner tone, and louder, due to its smooth interior.

In addition, the new design reduces weight significantly. According to Lashbrook, a typical marching band drum weighs about 17 pounds. The Polygon design removes the need for a heavy metal casting and cuts down the overall weight to 10 lb. "Believe me, to a marching band director, the value of a lighter, louder drum can’t be underestimated," said Lashbrook. Currently, Polygon is working with a major musical instrument manufacturer on designs for its marching band drums. Down the road, Polygon sees other opportunities in marching band percussion – including smaller toms and harnesses with composite tubing.


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