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CONEC introduces field attachable M12x1 sockets


General DPN

CONEC has extended its portfolio of M12x1 sockets with the introduction of a field attachable version.

New fields of application and requirement profiles result in new electro-mechanical requirements for the connection technology. Individual applications require flexibility when a device is connected.

The new male socket M12x1 meets these requirements.

Thus, the user has the possibility of mounting the socket housing from the front (“outside”) and the contacts and the contact carriers from the inside (combined installation).

This concept is often applied for the manufacture of motors (hydraulic motors) and rotary encoders.


Due to the encoding of the slots in the rear area of the square shell, encoding of 8 x 45° is possible to make sure that the desired location of an angled mating connector can be realized.

The degree of protection in the assembled state to shell is IP67, in the mating face in unmated condition IP20.


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