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Controller/drive system for single-axis apps


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DPN WEB EXCLUSIVE: Galil Motion Control has announced the CDS-3310 single-axis controller and drive system designed to provide high performance and precise control of a single brush or brushless servo motor.

It combines a programmable motion controller and 500 W drive in a single, 5.15 x 8.25 in. metal enclosure package that eliminates the external wiring between the controller and drive. For example, the unit includes PID compensation with notch filter and velocity/acceleration feedforward, non-volatile program memory with multitasking, uncommitted digital and analog I/O, and advanced modes of motion such as electronic gearing and teach-and-playback. It also accepts differential encoder inputs up to 12 MHz, and provides dual encoder inputs that enable it to easily accommodate electronic gearing or dual-loop applications. Additionally, the CDS-3310 includes a PWM drive that operates up to 7 A continuous, 60 V.


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