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Creaform unveils brand new blog

Quebec's Creaform is proud to unveil its brand new blog.

September 29, 2009   Staff

The blog is the outcome of an effort to strengthen its Web presence and create a zone where the Creaform 3D tech community members can interact and share their experience and opinions about 3D technology, in addition to learning tips and tricks and get advice about Creaform’s products and technology from the company’s 3D scanning specialists. Most definitely, this blog will talk about innovation: new technologies, new methodologies, new projects and new outcomes.

According to Stéphane Auclair, director of the Marketing Department – which oversaw the development and unrolling of the blog – "it was time for Creaform, as a hi-tech company, to join this new and growing blogging trend. This great showcase was ours to occupy, and we felt like the launch of our latest scanner and the trend towards an economic recovery was a very good timing to seize this opportunity."


Click here to join the Creaform Technological blog’s community.

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