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Creativity Handbook for 3D Professionals

Habits, tools and hacks, backed by science, to boost your design creativity.

November 28, 2014   by Design Engineering staff

14-Dec-3D-Connexion-Creativity-Handbook-360No matter what the pursuit, creativity plays a critical role in its success, but conventional wisdom holds that creativity is an endowed talent, something you either have or don’t. A new e-book (published by 3D mice makers, 3DConnexion) argues that, although there are those with natural talent, creativity is as much a learned skill as mastering a new CAD modeling technique. To quote from Creativity Handbook for 3D Professionals:

“Contrary to what you might have been told, creativity is not some magical superpower granted at birth. It is a skill and a discipline that can be practiced and improved through rigorous habits, effective use of tools, and even biological hacks. This is an important point for 3D professionals: it means that, like your prowess in 3D software, creativity can grow better with effort, not luck.”

While the e-book is a marketing piece, it is a very subtle one. Nearly every page is dedicated to laying out not only the neuroscience behind creativity but also effective habits and tools that can boost anyone’s creativity, especially CAD users and other 3D modeling professionals.


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