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Customizing Content Center Fastener names in Inventor

By John Hackney, IMAGINiT   

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They may be technically accurate but fastener names in Autodesk Inventor’s Content Center browser aren’t exactly catchy. Here’s how to change the display name.

Designers that use Inventor are all too familiar with the Content Center Fastener names that display in the browser. I cannot blame Autodesk for creating these designations because their products must represent the world engineering specifications. The great thing is you can change it to display most anything you desire.

In my example, I want to display the vendor’s part number and the screw designation. After creating my custom library I edit the entries under the Designation Column in the Family Table by adding the vendor’s part number.


Next I right click on the column header, in this case Designation, and select Column Properties from the context menu. In the Column Properties dialog box I select the Map to Inventor Property down down arrow and select Member.Display Name.



After publishing my changes back to the Content Center, I place a few fasteners in an assembly to test my work.


You can only have one Inventor Property mapping per column but you could quickly copy your work from this column to another custom column and then add another mapping. For example, you may want the same designation to appear as the Inventor Part Number.


Just a hint: Inventor will not allow mapping to the same property on more than one column so you will have to remove the mapping on the existing Part Number column before you can add it to your custom column.

For more of Inventor tips and tricks, check out IMAGINiT Manufacturing Solutions Blog.

John Hackney is a Mechanical Applications Engineer at IMAGINiT Technologies.


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