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Delivery companies explore gas-powered vehicle alternatives

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Canadian business slowly entering fleet transition journey to meet zero-emissions goals.

Experts say businesses in Canada are slowly entering a fleet transition journey to meet zero-emissions goals but it will not be an easy road.

Ikea Canada is adopting electric delivery trucks, while Enbridge has partnered with the City of Hamilton in Ontario on zero-emission buses run by renewable natural gas.

Crystal Rasa, fulfilment sourcing manager at IKEA Canada, says the company is targeting 100 per cent zero-emission vehicle deliveries by next year and so far is up to 15 per cent of its fleet.

While hopeful the furniture company will reach its target, Rasa says there are challenges when working with electric delivery trucks such as charging stations and cold weather conditions that drain batteries faster.


Other upfront costs such as obtaining permits for electrification, installing the right chargers and finding optimal routes to deliver without recharging are part of transitioning to an electric fleet.

Experts say other energy sources besides electricity such as hydrogen and renewable natural gas can also work as alternatives but the industry wants more government funding.


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