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Demystify SolidWorks Surfaces-Video Tutorial

Solidworks master, Ben Eadie, demonstrates how to use SolidWorks surfacing capabilities to model smoother, sexier curves.

September 26, 2011   by Ben Eadie

Many times, the standard fillet command produces acceptable geometry. However, the design of an organic shape or consumer product often requires a much smoother curve. Surfaces, as opposed to solid geometry, can get the job done but modelers may not be familiar with how they work and how best to implement them.

In this 10 minute video tutorial, from his Learning Solidworks web site, Canadian CAD master Ben Eadie details how to leverage surfaces in the popular modeling software to produce a sexier curve when a design calls for them.


Ben Eadie is an Aeronautical Engineering Technologist and owner/operator of Calgary-based MountainWave 3D Design Services. He is also a prolific CAD industry blogger, developer, trainer and video caster.

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