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Distance training, remote tech support can provide you with a smaller carbon footprint


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Are your operations accounting for the amount of greenhouse gas emissions it generates?

By Mike Edwards
An environmentally friendly supplier of SolidWorks software & services,  Oakville, ON-based Javelin Technologies ( is constantly finding ways of reducing the carbon footprint for its business and for its customers. According to Javelin managing director John Carlan, "using travel-reducing web technology to deliver training and consulting services helps us to minimize the environmental impact of human activity and be more environmentally responsible."

From the Javelin Carbon Survey that was completed in December 2008, it determined that the commuting of students to and from its training courses generates 12 tonnes of CO2 each year. The Javelin Green Team has decided to offset these 12 tonnes by investing in three programs through

Javelin’s investment is being spent on three pro√Ǭ≠jects; a Forest Restoration Project in British Columbia (S0%), a Landfill Gas Recovery Project in NiagaraFalls (30%) and a Tire Recycling Program (10%).

Javelin delivers SolidWorks Live Web Training, the combination of video, audio, and a live instructor giving customers the ability to interact with an expert which can not be achieved with recorded videos or paper based manuals.


How does it provide a low environmental impact?
• No travel is required to attend the training
• No paper based manuals are printed
• Training is kept to a couple of hours a day

Javelin Consulting Services can also be provided over the web. Customers are able to interact and collaborate with a Javelin consultant using network streaming software for video and voice over internet protocol (VoIP) for audio; customers are even provided a USB headset as part of the service! We are able to work on your machines remotely, just as if we were right there at your company premises.

How does it provide a low environmental impact?
• No travel is required to deliver consulting services
• No paper based material is printed
• Using only web services reduces cost for customers

"Javelin donated a tree for every student that attended a Javelin training class during Earth Week," said Carlan. "We are eliminating all plastic water bottles at Javelin by using new under-the sink water purification units from a Javelin customer (Trojan Technologies and units designed in SolidWorks of course)."


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