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About Us

A Message from our sponsor

Daemar offers a comprehensive range of oil seals tailored to cater to the specific needs of design engineers across diverse industries. Their wide variety of seal styles, including specialized materials like Viton® and polyurethane, ensures optimal performance even in challenging conditions, enabling engineers to maximize efficiency and seal longevity.
The Function of Rotary Shaft Seals
Rotary shaft seals are crucial components that significantly contribute to the longevity of bearing systems while minimizing maintenance expenses. Their primary purpose is to retain lubricants within the bearing system, enabling the bearings to function optimally with adequate lubrication. Additionally, these seals serve a secondary role by effectively preventing contaminants from entering the system. By doing so, they shield the bearings from potential damage and ensure the long-term effectiveness of the lubricants.
The Right Oil Seal Solution for Your Application
DMR oil seals feature single, double and multiple lips that are engineered to help retain lubricants and exclude contaminants. If temperature or chemical exposure is a concern seals are offered in a range of compounds to best suit the operating environment including: fluorocarbon, silicone and nitrile. Their seals range in O.D. sizes from below 1” to over 40”, which helps ensure that they can supply the size and style your application requires.
Extensive Inventory of Oil Seals
Whether you’re a new manufacturer or in need of maintenance, find the perfect seal through Deamar’s online catalog. Daemar stocks an extensive range of DIN 3760 seals, available in various materials and sizes. Their vast inventory ensures that no matter the application, they have the right seal for you. Daemar is well-equipped to meet your JIT production or maintenance needs. Their four stocking facilities are ready to supply you with the seals required for smooth operations. Don’t compromise on quality or reliability. Contact Daemar today and let them provide you with the industrial shaft oil seals that will keep your machinery running seamlessly.
Importance of Proper Seal Installation Procedures
Seal installation may initially seem straightforward, but replacing seals, especially in the field, requires utmost care as even minor errors can lead to premature seal failure. Improper seal installation is widely recognized as a significant cause of seal failures, causing industries to suffer substantial financial losses annually due to unexpected production downtime, prolonged installation duration, and increased cleanup requirements. However, there is good news: by taking time to follow correct installation procedures, these seal failures can be significantly minimized or even eliminated. Read More.

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