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Daemar offers an extensive range of specialized seals tailored to cater to the specific needs of design engineers across diverse industries. Our wide variety of seal styles, including specialized materials like FKM, HNBR and polyurethane, ensures optimal performance even in challenging conditions, enabling engineers to maximize efficiency and seal longevity.

High-Performance with High-Pressure PTFE Seals
Engineered for extreme conditions, our High Pressure PTFE Seals excel in extreme temperatures, high pressures, high speeds, and resist corrosive liquids & gases. With a PTFE sealing lip design, they boast low friction, minimal wear, and no metallic spring requirement. Casings can be crafted in stainless steel casings where required by conditions. Explore the versatility of these seals in pumps, agitators, blowers, compressors, mixers, and more. Available in multilip designs, various sizes (30mm to 530mm) and can handle speeds up to 45 m/s and temperatures ranging from -90°C to 250°C.
Superior Performance in Extreme Conditions with Heavy Duty Seals
DMR Heavy Duty Seals, ideal for extreme temperatures, high pressures, high speeds, and corrosive liquids & gases. Our seal designs come in various inch and metric profiles, including double, single, and multi-lip designs. Concerned about heat or chemical attack? Our experienced team can review special applications. Choose from materials like FKM, HNBR, Polyurethane, PTFE, and NBR to combat heat or chemical attack.
Revolutionize Sealing Solutions in Critical Applications with Quad-Ring®
Engineers, optimize performance with Quad-Ring® Seal! Boasting four contoured lobes, it offers double the sealing surfaces of an O-Ring, ensuring superior performance in complex scenarios. Bye spiral twist—thanks to its square cross-section, common O-Ring failure is history. Expect extended seal life, minimal leaks, and reduced friction. Count on Quad®: US-Engineered, globally manufactured, and engineer-trusted for reliable, high-stakes applications. Tackle low-pressure applications confidently—say hello to success, goodbye to failures. Contact Daemar, your trusted distributor.
Quick Lead Times for Custom Seals Tailored to Your Needs
At Daemar, we take pride in our ability to meet the specific seal requirements of our customers. With our extensive capabilities, we can create custom seals tailored to your unique needs and available within 5 weeks. Whether it’s a specific size (large or small), material, or design, our experienced team is ready to deliver. We understand the importance of precision and reliability, and our commitment to quality ensures that your custom seals will perform optimally. Trust Daemar to provide the tailored sealing solutions that meet and exceed your expectations. Contact us today to discuss your custom seal requirements.

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